Purple Rain (1984)

For my first film, I will begin with what I saw today: 1984’s Purple Rain–rest in sexy peace, dear Prince.

I’m just going to start out by saying that this is not a great film. It might live on forever, but as a sophisticated piece of storytelling, it is lacking. Most of the emotional heft is delivered in small packages, almost like several stories were just strewn about the film. It’s all a bit melodramatic, and it never really hits you like it should.

But you didn’t come for that–you came for Prince. Good boy. Even the parts where Prince is acting, there’s something electric about the movie. You come to like it, and if not like it, then appreciate it. The ending sets up the potential meaning behind the title track, and it turns into a spectacle of stage performance. You did not come for the story, and in that regard, you should leave satisfied. This film is a time capsule to a performer that we will never see again, and therefore, it carries a certain poignancy.

Aside from the typical 80s art direction and cinematography, it could have been made today. It’s not like Prince could age.


Just a reminder on the star system: these two-and-a-half stars are green, meaning that the film was not necessarily great in my opinion, but I enjoyed it. I recommend you watch it, especially now.


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