Jurassic Park (1993)

You may have noticed that a lot of the films I review end up with green stars, and there is a reason for this. Yes, I am easy to please, but I am also easy to displease. The truth of the matter is I try not to rewatch movies I don’t like.

So, here we go. Jurassic Park.

I love this movie. Love, love, love this movie. I do find, though, that I love the idea of it more than I adore the actual film. It’s not perfect, as I recall when I watch it, and it’s most definitely dated. And yet, whenever I think about the film, I fill with excitement and wonder.

The dinosaurs hold up, and I suspect they will forever. The characters are some of the most iconic and, frankly, sexy in cinema, and the film is simply a joy to watch. The problem, ironically, is the technology–yes, in a film about bringing dinosaurs back to life, the technology is lacking. It’s ancient. Spielberg also released Schindler’s List in 1993, and what makes that timeless is its understanding of eternal human themes. We may change the world, but we so rarely change ourselves. Jurassic Park tries so hard to prove how advanced it is, it forgets how quickly our technology becomes extinct.

All this being said, this film is a real classic. The suspense is top notch, the direction superb, and the score eternal. Some things will never change. Danger will always be danger, and there are few threats quite like those at Jurassic Park. For what it’s worth, I’m so glad this park was actually opened.


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