Money Monster (2016)

Bernie Sanders would love this film, but you probably knew that from the trailer.

Money Monster is all about the little guy, meaning most of us. Jack O’Connell (Unbroken) hijacks a financial talk show, and he takes George Clooney hostage. It’s the kind of film that would make Howard Beale mad as hell, and that’s the point. It made me mad as hell too, because it forces you to believe that all these executives and all these bankers, that they are living their lives with absolutely no consideration to the rest of humanity. They are playing us like pawns, all to “make us money.” Dominic West (The Affair) plays to type, meaning a total prick with a god complex.

There were points in this film where I could feel my own tension. Normally, I’m too enthralled with an experience to notice, but this time, I was able to step back and realize just how nervous I was. Director Jodie Foster really injected this film with anxiety, and it only made the emotional turns hit harder. The music swells, and the frames become tighter, and then voom–your expectations are upended. We’re only concerned when the tricks don’t work.

This is not a great film, but I do not know how it could have been made better. The story played out exactly as it should have, telling us that even the darkest of victories are still victories. Critics do not like this film very much, and that is understandable, but I can find the merit. Money Monster opened my eyes just a little wider to the truth.

How many monsters will it take to make us listen?



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