Carol (2015)

How tortuous are the lives we lead, the women we love.

I’m not a lesbian, of course. That, like so many things, would be impossible. But as much as this is a lesbian movie, it is also very much a movie about lovers who cannot be together, but who dare to try. Rooney Mara plays a store clerk who falls in love with Carol, played by Cate Blanchett, a divorcing housewife. They spend more and more time with each other, causing their lives to fall apart, and yet they find safety in each other.

The film, directed by Todd Haynes, is so achingly realized, it hardly even feels like a film. You may notice the perfect framing or the painstaking art direction, but this movie, unlike many others, feels like so much more. I found myself engrossed in the mere existence of these characters.

A few of you may complain that it’s slow, and it is. But slowness to me does not always mean boring. Action movies can bore me to tears, as they do more often now.

This movie is saturated with silence, and that is why I love it–because in this silence, you can almost hear their thoughts. In this silence, you can feel the rhythm of their broken hearts. When the score finally swells, you can see the longing in every atom of their souls. Isn’t it beautiful?



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