Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

It really doesn’t get much more classic than this, not to me.

I had the opportunity to see this in a theater–which may not sound like a big deal to you–and I found a way. There is something about watching a film like this on a screen bigger than your field of view, with sounds that attack you on every side. I noticed the actual stereo components of the score and mix, like a French horn off to the left in a dramatic moment. I mean, do you know how incredible that is? You couldn’t truly get this experience from any place but the cinema.

In case you’re one of the two civilized people who hasn’t seen this movie, it’s about Indiana Jones, an archaeologist played by Harrison Ford. The Nazis are trying to steal the Ark of the Covenant, and Jones is tasked with finding it first.

I won’t spoil it for you, but this movie is a real treat from start to finish. And it has a dream team, too, with Steven Spielberg directing, George Lucas on story, Lawrence Kasdan writing the screenplay, John Williams composing the score, and Douglas Slocombe doing cinematography. That is just behind the camera. I mean, wow. They make it look easy.

I didn’t think I could revere this film any more than I already did, but my experience today proved me wrong.

You didn’t read this review to see if it was a good movie. With something like this, you know it’s a good movie. You know it’s a great movie. A movie like this is so pivotal to our culture, you wonder what our world would be like without it.


Raiders of the Lost Ark is available on DVD and Blu-ray.

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