Star Trek Beyond (2016)


Under the direction of Justin Lin, this film was a fun yet forgettable trek into the beyond.  I must disclose an outsider perspective, since the only Star Trek I’ve seen is Into Darkness (solely for Benedict Cumberbatch).

The plot:  Kirk (Chris Pine) wants to leave his post as captain in exchange for a break from space exploration.  The dilemma is resolved after the Enterprise takes a serious hit from the villainy of Krall (Idris Elba), and he realizes that what he had is what he wanted all along.  Simon Pegg’s contribution to the script certainly gave it a few laughs, but the plot was nothing stellar.  There were a few instances of greatness—quoting Shakespeare, playing Beastie Boys, memorializing Leonard Nimoy, introducing the character of Jaylah—but overall the story was unmemorable.

Instead, it leaned on typical tropes to barrel its way toward the possibility of another sequel.  Much like the Marvel universe, there are too many future plans for anything of earth-shattering consequence to take place.  Main characters can only be in peril so many times before the audience becomes aware that they are immune to all threats.

Since much of the cast has already made two movies together, their camaraderie shines through in their performances.  Though my Trekkie universe knowledge is lacking, it is very apparent that these characters respect and love one another, which this cast highlights.

I’m a sucker for film scores, and Michael Giacchino’s excellent notes beautifully assist the pacing.  The action sequences are generally high-quality.

Overall, Star Trek Beyond is lighthearted summer fun, and perhaps Trekkie fans will appreciate it more than I did.

3.5 Yellow

Author Bio:  Claire Ebbitt is an admirer of Harry Potter, British actors, 10 Things I Hate About You, and Shakespeare.

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