Jason Bourne (2016)

Any series that attempts serialization should at least know where it’s going.

I do not believe the Bourne franchise has a direction at all, not anymore.

After The Bourne Legacy, a decent film, there seemed to be a desperate attempt to bring back star Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass, who deserve credit for making the franchise so popular. Many people, myself included, were under the impression that they were the secret ingredient. They aren’t. The secret ingredient, whatever it may be, has been discontinued.

In this one, Jason Bourne is once again trying to find details of his past, and this time, a new set of agents are trying to stop him. You have Tommy Lee Jones as the CIA Director, Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina) as Agent Heather Lee, and Vincent Cassel (Black Swan) as a vengeful agent from Bourne’s past. Somehow, it all revolves around the government dealings with a tech company concerned with privacy.

Really, it should tell you something that these big figures from his past, Jones and Cassel, were never in the other films.

Make no mistake, I really did want to like this film. It just made me anxious. Not only could I not really map out the actions scenes, which were cut seemingly faster than I could blink, but a great deal of the shots were nauseatingly claustrophobic. Oh, and I think the camera operator might have been having chronic seizures, judging by the shakiness of even the calmest of shots. (Don’t try to read the text messages.)

The film only began to make sense two-thirds of the way through, and while the final act was genuinely riveting, I couldn’t help but wonder why the other two weren’t. In theory, this was set to be another classic Bourne film, what with the killer cast and crew. Like its protagonist, I think it just kept running hoping to find somewhere to go.

2.5 Yellow

Jason Bourne is in theaters now.

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