Sing Street (2016)

Oh my God. Please see this movie.

I rented it a while ago on iTunes, but I let it expire, and so I could not have been more relieved to find it on Netflix (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). This is hands-down one of the best films of the year.

In case it went under your radar, Sing Street is about Irish teen Conor, whose parents are going through a rough time. They send him to a state school to save money, and when Conor sees a pretty girl across the street, he says he needs her for his band’s music video—despite the fact that he doesn’t have a song… or a band.

As Conor gets some boys together, he (kind of quickly) learns to write and produce good music, and soon he records the video. It’s great, totally 80s, and the girl wants to do it again. Conor gets more and more edgy at his conservative school, and even though Raphina has a boyfriend, they start to fall for each other. Even if certain elements of the plot have been done before, they are rarely done this pitch perfectly. You can thank writer-director John Carney (Once) for that.

Sing Street is a film that makes you glad to be alive, if only because being alive allows you to see it. The music, both original and preexisting, is excellent, as is the period Dublin setting. It’s all so real, and yet impossibly romantic. I literally felt guilty every time I looked away from the screen, since I didn’t want to miss a second. Seriously.

There were times when it didn’t even feel like I was watching a film. If there are flaws to be found, I’ve forgotten them. Just do yourself a favor and see it.

4 Green

Sing Street is available on Netflix. WATCH IT.


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