Miss Sloane (2016)

Full disclosure: Jessica Chastain (Crimson Peak) is my favorite actress. She has been for a while. Therefore, I will find merit in every project she does (but why would she pick a bad script?).

Now, let’s get on with it. Miss Sloane. Brilliant film. Don’t listen to the critics.

Miss Sloane is about political lobbying in Washington. In my mind, it fits in perfectly with the likes of Scandal or House of Cards, though closer to the latter. Jessica Chastain plays Sloane, a Machiavellian lobbyist in DC who is brought onto a case about gun control. In case you want to dismiss it already as a “liberal film,” you shouldn’t. Miss Sloane will take whatever side will better advance her career, although she is personally on the side of stricter regulations, and the film presents arguments for both sides.

If politics are your drug of choice, you’re already going to love it. But here’s where it gets interesting for everyone else: Sloane is always a step ahead of her opponents. Always. Even when you think she’s not, she is. I had my hand to my mouth in a few scenes, and several audience members were in audible shock.

Chastain, even objectively, is incredible. She makes it look effortless. No matter what the other critics have said about the film, they have all seemed to agree that she, and her performance, is a force of nature. Every rapid syllable is handled with ease, and even though her character is wickedly diabolical, you can’t help but hope she’ll succeed.

I know I said I wanted Amy Adams to win an Oscar for Arrival or Nocturnal Animals, but it’s Chastain’s time too.

If you see it, which I hope you will, go in knowing that you won’t be able to see most of it coming. Prepare to be shocked. Miss Sloane is going to be one step ahead of you; she says it in the very beginning. Rarely have I been played this well, and rarely have I loved it this much.

3.5 Green

Miss Sloane is in theaters now.


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