Frozen (2013)

Let’s face it: this film either melts your heart or leaves you cold.

That humor should tell you how this review will go.

I, despite all the fervor that surrounds it, love this film so much. I can understand why you wouldn’t—you probably have a child, or a radio, or a friend, or literally no sense of compassion—but I still love it as much as when I saw it opening weekend.

Frozen is about Anna and Elsa, two royal sisters in a fictional kingdom. They used to be best buddies, but now they’re not, and it’s because Elsa possesses a dangerous ice power that she can barely control. As Elsa nears her coronation, Anna hopes to find her true love, and for the first time in forever, there is hope of it happening.

That is, until Elsa’s powers wreak havok at the coronation reception. Nobody else knew about her powers, not even the memory-wiped Anna. Queen Elsa is shamed and banished to the wilderness, and before long the kingdom is covered in snow. The only way to fix it is to find Elsa and get her to make it stop, which proves to be more than just a fixer-upper, but Anna knows she can do it.

Joining them are Kristoff and his reindeer, Sven, as well as the adorable snowman, Olaf (Disney does seem to have a hard time choosing one pet sidekick…). There are songs and trolls and ice monsters, and as a children’s film, it is really well-imagined stuff. There is even a modern twist ending regarding true love thawing frozen hearts, but you knew that already. I don’t know if there’s a first-world human alive who doesn’t know the plot of this movie by now.

I, for one, get all weepy at the most insignificant of moments, since the film is so well established in my heart. I always want to build a snowman. It might make you sick to watch, and that’s okay too.

The songs are still fresh to me (and Oscar-winning), the art direction is still astonishing, and the casting is still iconic. All things considered, I won’t be letting this one go anytime soon.

3 Green

Frozen will be shown tonight on ABC’s Wonderful World of Disney.

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