Office Christmas Party (2016)

Please don’t see this film. It will be a waste of your time.

I know you want to see it. I like this actor and that actor too. It looks really good, yes. But you’re essentially paying to throw them in a room as comedians and see what happens. The funniest part, and I’m not kidding, is the bloopers at the end, when they really let loose.

It’s just lazy. Office Christmas Party sounds like a working title. The funniest lines were definitely not in the script. At the beginning, Jason Bateman gets off a train that says “NOT IN SERVICE.” I feel like the filmmakers went in knowing that they would have a hit even if they barely tried, thanks to all the actors, and so they quit trying.

If you’ve read the title, you basically know what it’s about. A business branch might close in Chicago, and their only hope is to throw a Christmas party so wild that they entice a certain client. Nearly every role is played by a familiar face, and I will admit that it’s vaguely pleasing to see them all go crazy. But for a comedy, it’s absurd, not funny, and I want to laugh far more than three times when I see a comedy.

On the bright side, though, every single actor in this cast is committed 100%, and you can’t fake that. It saved me from hating this film. Olivia Munn, in particular, is excellent, far more than I expected after X-Men: Apocalypse. The cinematography is also pretty good, while I’m at it. But then again, if anything less than the best had signed on to this film, it wouldn’t have been made it wouldn’t have worked at all.

If you have time to waste and the money to blow, and you’re still determined to see it, go ahead. But I won’t be joining you. I knew this film would be a waste of my time and it was still disappointing, so forgettable that I barely remember seeing it a day later.

This isn’t just a film that makes you want to avoid Christmas parties. It’s also a film that makes you want to avoid an office entirely. Don’t you have something better to do?

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Office Christmas Party is in theaters now. See literally anything else.

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