Best of 2016

Another year… gone. For many of us, it was the worst year ever, and for the rest, it was the worst in a while. Nobody was spared the pain of often devastating loss, and I will admit that I had a hard time carrying on in more than a few occasions.

But I will save the In Memoriams for the awards shows, since I couldn’t make it through a list of those lost without weeping. (Always, Alan Rickman. Always.)

It was an excellent year of film. I cannot profess to have seen everything, being far from a metropolitan area, but I did see nearly 100 of the year’s releases (now I know where my money went). What follows is a list I consider to be an alternative to the critical consensus, torn between those typical choices and the elitist choices of films you’ve never heard about. I’ve also championed a few films that went slightly under the radar, but which I felt deserved the attention.

So, without further ado, here are my top ten films of 2016, arranged in alphabetical order, as well as five honorable mentions.


Don’t Think Twice Amazon

The Edge of Seventeen

Eye in the Sky

Kubo and the Two Strings Amazon

La La Land

Love and Friendship Amazon


Nocturnal Animals

Sing Street Amazon


Honorable Mentions

A Bigger Splash Amazon

The Jungle Book

Miss Sloane

The Witch



Are you surprised to see any of those? Surprised to not see others? It was hard to narrow down the list, but also kind of easy. If a movie bored me, I don’t care how much the critics liked it, I didn’t put it on this list.

Tell me what you think in the comments below!

[Editor’s Note: I saw a few of them before I started this blog, so I haven’t reviewed them yet, instead linking to the home video releases. If I review them, which I will try to do, I will replace the link. If the other movies are available on home video, I have also included the link in invisible text.]


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