I’ve been seeing films since I was three–at least that’s as far as the proof goes back. I begged my dad to take me to see Titanic, and I have been in love with movies ever since. There is seriously no telling how many movies I’ve seen, or how many times I’ve watched Harry Potter.

Twentysomething, I now write books, self-publishing them for the sake of my sanity, and I helped with a slew of student films while on UNC’s campus, be it writing them, editing, directing, starring in—everything. I’m not saying I’m great, but I do try really hard when I want something done.

Anyway, that’s brought me here, to the point where I finally decided to be a film critic. My friends have trusted my opinions for years, and while I can be biased, I also know what can make a film good. Detestable filmmakers have won me over by the sheer magnitude of their visions, and really I just have things I want to say about that.

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